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Hi Friends, I have created my own job website www PrepareInterview com which is full of latest job information and interview preparation tips. I learnt about SEO and link exchange and implemented the same in my website using twitter, orkut, facebook and email marketing. Now my website carrying google page rank 2 after one year hard work. But its still 2 for a long and I don't know other way of promoting my website to get more traffic.

Anyone of you know the metrics for getting more google page rank? Is it necessary to have more pages for a website to get high rank?

Is it possible by a single individual person to make more traffic and good SEO for this website? Could anyone help? Thanks in advance.

The most obvious thing about your web site for me were the ads. I went to your site and was immediately bombarded with ads. Don't get me wrong, ads are fine, but if they are the most obvious thing, you shoot yourself in the foot: Visitors are driven away, if they ever get there and search engines don't like that either.

You can build a web site and get from 0 to Pagerank 4 in 6 weeks. How do I know? Well, my son did it (after I tought him how to do it ;)).

Now, in your case, I suggest to reduce the ads for now (you probably only make pennies anyhow currently) and write a few articles (unique!) and submit them to

Also a couple links to your site from other sites (one way!) would be very good. Find some dofollow blogs and leave some (good!) comments with your url.

That should increase your traffic and your pagerank as well.

good post
very informative

simple thing is increase you quality back links so that it raises your traffic which gives google PR.

Hello friends

1. Join forums, forums are a great way to achieve links to your website. In most forums you are allowed to have a signature and in your signature you can put a link to your website. But another important note to look on is making sure the forum is somewhat related to your website. You will still get credit if it's not, but if it's related to your website than you will be accomplishing two tasks at once.
You will be advertising for your website (bringing in targeted traffic) You will also be building your websites presence.
Your websites presence is very important to your survival. The more people see, or hear about your website the more credibility you will have and this increases your chances of having these visitors come back and possibly become leads.
2. Submit to search engine directories. Search engine directories are a good way to get a free link to your website. They also increase your chances at being listed higher on popular search engines like Google, and overture.
Most search engine directories allow you to submit to their website for free. This will allow you to increase your web presence by being listed on another search engine, and it will also be a free link.
Remember the more links you have the higher your PR will be
3. Using ezine ads (or newsletters). Creating an ezine will probably be the most beneficial step you can take to increasing your web presence. When you create an ezine you will be able to keep visitors coming back to your website for more by using signatures and giving special deals.

Thanks for sharing us .........

totally iam aggre with your'e opinion ...
but, i think used social bookmarking and article submission is very effective to increase traffic and PR..and also is good promotion ways to introduce your'e sites ..


please write unique content and will be creat the backlink if there is somebody copy your article. and google will be ranked your site if the backlink is enough

You can use better keywords and the description shouldn't be copied, it should have unique.

You should do link building with sites having higher page rank but check that links provided are "follow" links.

Quality content and quality related backlinks can help your site increase traffic and PR as well..

To increase Google page rank, You have to update your site with new content very often. Apart from that, getting links from your related niche sites & Getting backlinks from the web pages which have good PR & less outbound links too help to get more PR.

I think you've been doing the right things so far, just keep adding more content and make sure you have relevant keywords with the correct anchor text and you should see your rank increase. Just keep doing what you've been doing and the results will come.

Having quality content together with creating quality of inbound links helps your site generate traffic and increase your PR value.

write good content and post on your site and submit to article directories as well. forum posting and blog posting is also a sureway to create traffic.

to increase traffic for website, you must do link building with SEO techniques ..
on page and off page activity's more effective to increase traffic ..


Creating quality of inbound links or back link helps your site get high PR value. The more QUALITY of inbound links, the higher chances for your site to get high PR value.

You can make your site rank for keyword phrases that people looking for your type of site will be searching for. This is more of a strategic, long-term approach.

Hey..I researched your site. I found some minor things. But the thing I think may be stopping you from going to a PR3 is the ads. Try to reduce the ads per page ratio. On the pages that are frequented the most I would leave the ads there obviously. But on pages where they are not frequented as much I would remove the ads.

If you research on "over advertising" and "mfa sites" you'll see that ads can hurt you. Anyway...that's my two cents. Hope that helps.

I think PR 2 is still good, continue with what you doing and you must use the right tools to analyze your keywords, website, your competition and to effectively build links. Page rank is based on how many quality backlinks you have on relevant sites. Regular updates and creating unique and informative content also helps in improving page rank as well as the traffic you are getting. Make it sure you add a share button like tell-a-friend [] on your website, you must make it easy for them to spread and promote your website for increased traffic, reach and SEO results.

I accept Marissa Jasmine comments. Article submission and social bookmarking services are help you to increase the site traffic and the page rank.

Well, the truth is that both are related but now the same. To improve Page Rank you need to build links from High PR sites. To increase traffic you need to promote. To increase traffic; try social bookmarking, social networking, forum posting, blog commenting and even solo ads and email marketing.

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