Do you have good recommendations for a website with high PR ?

Have you heard of a Link Wheel, there are lots of different types and theorys on what works best. but the basic concept is the same its just about structuring your seo links to create one powerful link to boost PR.
check out some of the videos on youtube!

I find video on youtube, thanks

Facebook, twitter, linkedin, myspace these website are much help to get the traffic. because now a days every one login social networking sites. and PPC is also best way.

Once you need to get the PR for your website then you have to build the backlinks, links should be in unique and quality. otherwise then your site may be chances to consdier as a spam.

To increase traffic on your site make quality back links.Do Articles,Blogs and Forum posting on high page rank sites.DO SMO of your site,viral your unique and geuine content on social media sites like facebook,twitter and pinterest,On these sites follow the relevant people to your site.One more thing you should update your blog regularly,hope this will help you in increasing the traffic...

for gettin more traffic you should share maximum your site on the various social networking sites and try to do some social activities which makes interst in your site and do some article submissions with fresh and unique content.

Social networking bring you huge traffic, to increase your site PR you should get backlinks from high PR and focus on your content, make it more useful and interesting to real people

anyone know articles change software or website plz give me links

The content should be fresh content.Keyword be easy and simple.The social bookmarking,forum posting,blog,directory submission the back links are effective.High quality back links are increase the googlr ranking.

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If you have some good profiles connected on stumbleupon then you can drive viral traffic to you site. For an article once i got almost 17k visits in a month.

And my second vote will go to Just find the relevant category and submit your site.

Link building,Blog commenting,Article submission and Social bookmarking is useful for increasing your web traffic.

Hi friend, Now I'm New web site how to increase page rank and increase traffic....

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for that you have do high PR backlinking...simple

Increase pagerank is not a one day activity or not a play of child. If you want to incraes it then you should do many things. First of all have need quality and fresh content for your site. It will you help more and in other way you can incraese ut by offpage activities.

If you want to incraese traffic by any ways then you should do ppc or if you want to increase it costfree then you should do social media marketing because nowadays there are lots of users on social sites and its easy to drive them on your site by it.

I think off page techniques give you good traffic. Use fresh and quality content.
For traffic I always use social bookmarking and Social media marketing.

yes it definately easy for a single to drive traffic to her/his website..
do generate the organic traffic via seo..
insert 3-4 keywords using google adword keyword tool..
do forum posting,directory submision,blog commenting,socail bookmark sharing site..
submit ur website url to top directory with pr above 5...and do blog commenting on sites similar to ur site niche..
do forum posting as much as u can..
make your content fresh and unique...above all a blooger need patience and consistence in his work..
Happy blogging..hope it helps you..

always try to prefer to build only quality links not a will sure increase your page rank on Google and traffic also.

You can increase traffic to your website by submitting your site to social bookmarking sites, commenting on blogs, forums and writing articles etc.

According to me following points will help to get a page rank & Trafic :

» Include useful high-quality information on your site.
» Add relative and useful Tags for each page of your web site.
» Provide a Rich Site Summary (RSS).
» Search Google for your website.
» Provide motivation for highly ranked websites to link to yours.
» Keep your website up.
» Translate your website into foreign languages.
» Check out a site before you link back.
» Submit your site to various web directories and reference sites.
» Ask other high-quality websites to link to your website.
» Write a newsletter and send it out.
» Tell the press about your site.
» Publicize your site to everyone with whom you communicate.

Increase quality backlinks and Do smo.

how to get backlink from forums. can please anyone give me this anwser.

Need to inclease you backlink through do-follow blogs comments and do follow forum submission as well as possion and need to have unique content on your website..........also submit some articles..........

For quick traffic go for PPC and Social media marketing, but for long term benefits go for SEO, its slow process but very effective.

According to just creates quality of backlinks using quality of contents you will easily get lots of website traffics.

First make sure keywords which you use for your website are suitable, means are good in search then aply any new seo techniques on it, secondly used latest techniques of SEO for your websites, like forum commenting, answering guest posting, it will definitely work.

Do on-page optimization, social media, get more back links from high pagerank wwebsites, and other things like forum posting and social bookmarking.

To increase PR follow good and regualr SEO techniques. You can increase PR till level 1-4 by good seo techniques which are often prescribed in all website articles about SEO. But the real PR effects when real people come to your website for information.

Forum and blog participation are the fastest ways to reach the top rankings of Search Engines. Incorporating a blog into a website will have a huge impact on the overall website's search engine rankings.

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