When we go to submit our website in directories there some directories show option as "Links with nofollow attribute". Some think that it is just time waste. But I think that it generates traffic for the website that we are going to submit. What do you think?

I wouldn't look to directories for direct traffic...Not even Yahoo.

You're not going to get traffic from directories anyway but I have seen people say they like nofollow links because it looks natural. Getting all of your links dofollow looks unnatural. If you don't have at least some nofollow it probably looks highly suspicious to Google...

Good point. In terms of diversifying links, it's probably a good thing.

Thanks for your opinion... :)

Nofollow links have no value with regards to rankings and PR but it helps your site generate traffic.

yes...as far as ranking is concerned, nofollow links are hardly useful except generating traffic...It is better to get do-follow backlinks in order to boost your keyword in terms of ranking

I think if you choice "nofollow" is not effective to increase traffic ...
mybe you must try to choice "dofollow" website to increase traffic for your'e website..


I have always been a fan of directories and have used directory inclusion as a strategy to help build link popularity, especially for new sites. However, in the last eight months or so, I have seen many directory pages in which we have listings on become all but useless. They don't pass any link popularity and they drive zero traffic.

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