what i should do for fast indexing for my website.

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you must do local listing in google yahoo msn, participate in them related topic, nd also do classifed , post blog in them related blog post sites ,

can you tell me something about blog commenting

To get fast index, you have to get more backlinks to your site. Specially more bookmarks, That will help you to get fast index.

Pings, bookmarks and comments in dofollow blogs.

what i should do for fast indexing for my website.

Hi There,
In order to get a fast index to the search engines, you may want to consider pinging your website. There are many pings available but the one I use often is pingoat. Give it a try and drop a thread here let me know if it worked well for you.

Two of the most fastest ways to indexed your site immediately are with the use of social bookmarking sites and your site. I highly recommend Digg for social bookmarking site. You can easily get result once you submit your site in here.

I think classified is more effective to indexing page

anyone have good way for creating free pr backlinks ?

According to me, fastest way of indexing is using Google's PPC service for your website.

To know when Google has Indexed a page, I use Google Alerts. I find this very handy for getting notified when Google adds Feedage.com related pages to it’s index. I receive a Google alerts e-mail every day. I used the time-stamp from the e-mail as the time when Google indexed the page.

fast index , is logic the link that is 100% immediat accepted! yeah i know perfect guys who can help you!

The quickest way is to do search engine submissions and bookmarking of website.

Which social bookmarking sites have you had the most success with though? I seem to have had more success with reddit over digg.

Linking to quality related site can really help in indexing your site, social bookmarking and social networking are one of those sites...

Putting your main domain link within your tweets would usually make your sites indexed within 48 hours. :)

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What is local listing in the first place, and how do we do it? My website doesn't show up in google searches at any position!

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Many people discussed many different methods here, I would say there is no concrete rules for this and no single solution is enough.

from my personal experience i can say submit to the search engine, submit on good directories, use of social media like social bookmarking can be very helpful.

Hope you have enough information's to mark your thread solved from all these post.

Forum commenting, blog commenting, directory submission, article submission and blogposting and bookmarking...

Do make a blog on blogger.com with your site links. you can get indexed soon by google.

submit your website to search engines

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