Google AdWords suspended all accounts with poor quality landing pages. In fact, if you bid for low keywords CPC, then your accounted got terminated.

This may be unfair to low-bid bidders like us but it is fair to high-bid bidders. As you know, high-bid bidders ($.50 to $5 cpc) do not want you to bid for $0.03 to $0.10 cpc. They will loose money. This is the fair thing that Google do.

There are not only you, but millions of AdWords accounts got terminated because of poor quality landing pages.

So, if you want to use the cpc, then you have to try other companies.


Thanks for reading.

Can you list some? Because this interests me, google actually deleted me from my account last month. For no reason at all, its a joke. I did nothing wrong and i had like 200 k views and a 100 clicks, and they think i wasnt following the terms. wtf honestly. So yeah if you could list some that would be great lol.

No benefit for Dr G., why botther mini-bidders???

Hopefully, Yahoo will accept the mini-bidders from now on.


maybe some AdWords accounts got terminated because of poor quality landing pages.

With my adword campaigns, I am very careful of the Quality Score associated with each keyword because this scoe influences the amount of impressions served and affects the CTR as well.

"In some instances, ads that point to these sites will not be allowed to run"
where it says account terminated for low quality? Stop saying things you don't understand...

Let me tell all of you. This is more because of landing page issues. They have implemented the landing page quality guidelines more strictly ever than before. Now you can't run an adwords campaign with only one page on the site. They ask for a full site. Atleast the site should have following pages. "Privacy Policy", About us", "contact us" along with home page.