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I just wanted to know if an SEO forum consider as a link farm.


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Hello Friends
I just wanted to know if an SEO forum consider as a link farm.

I suppose it would depend on what it looked like. If you had a bunch of links with little meaningful, relevant textual content I suppose it could look link farmish but if you had a variety of intelligently written evolving contributions then it would look more like a forum. Appearance is everything.

No! I don't think so... Even there are forums with no content and nothing to look at only spam.

Just as confused as the above. =P

It's not that easy to unintentionally turn any kind of forum into a link farm so you should be fine if you make an SEO forum.


I consider a link farm to an unedited list, database, or whatever that is built up of many outbound links submitted by the public. They usually will host many links to spam pages as spammers can freely submit their sites.

What is the latest opinion on link farms? I've been told repeatedly that backlinks are the key. I've also been told that backlinks that are obtained by merely exchanging with a link farm are useless. I tend to believe they hold less relevance because of the ease of obtaining them. At the same time most of my competitors, especially the ones that outrank me are using them by the hundreds.

In my own experiences, if only such SEO forums have a theme and contents for SEO, they would not be treated as link farm. Usually, they are OK for building backlinks. :)

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So, is it safe to say that they are less helpful, but not harmful?

The tactic of building large amounts of sites, whose only purpose was to build links to other sites that's the real meaning of link farm but in forum we don't do that so its not consider as link farming.

When the forum is going to be victim of link farming then the google is banned it because of the link spamming....
But on the other side forum are considered as the most valuable links resource......!

no forum some how creates back links and direct links but usally these are used for networking and conversation.

Albert Bertina

Definitely not, SEO forums will not be considered as a link farm. It is the source which provides you more and more quality back links.

I don't think so, but still it depends on the admin of the forums if they let those spammers do their job then you can consider it link farm..

so like all others have been said, forums are are great source of links so !

My question is not about the value of links on a forum, but rather links from link farms. Are links from link farms bad? The last SEO guy that I used created around 100 links back to our site, but most of them are link farms. Is this going to have a negative effect on my ranking or is it just less helpful than relevant links? Should I remove them?

Gee, I must have been looking at the other fifty nine miilion link farm looking forums out there and not the ones you fine folks are refering to.

I don't think links from SEO forums is considered as link farm. I guess posting through software or building too many quick links will mark as spam.

No, how it could be?Forum marketing can be very powerful if used correctly. You have the potential to get a lot of quality traffic on top of your backlinks if you're willing to put in the extra effort to make yourself known and respected on the forums you post on.

i don't think so, it is just full of spam links.

A forum is a very different beast from a link farm.
A link farm exists solely for the purpose of giving links to other sites. Search engines are generally good at spotting link farms and disregarding everything on them.A forum exists for the purpose of discussing a particular topic. Search engines can recognise forums and (depending on nofollow) will look at outbound links in the context of the forum.Links that relate to the content of the forum will be treated as valuable links, but those that are at best tangential to the content of the discussion (such as what you have in signatures) will be seen for what they are and given little or no benefit.But remember that there are so many outbound links on forums that it is unlikely that you will get any significant benefit from them.

It's not just like spamy links in the forum.Many comes here to dicuss & give there suggestion & give the advice.This is the main thing in the forum.Some seo freek thing that one of the easy way of traffic or backlink in a esteemed forum.

No, Not AT ALL! A link farm is a network of websites hosted on the same IP owned by the same company or person. Links built on link farms has no PR value but a small amount of it is not going to harm your SERP results whereas it will have very less or no value. You do not need to worry about if you have a hundred or so links from a link farm, but if most or your links are from Link farm then you must look into it.


I don't think seo forums can considered as a link farm

If a user finds a forum useful to gain some knowledge and share some, the forum has good amount of information, posts are meaningful, on some specific topic, serving the unique and quality content then it will never be considered as SPAM even if there are a lot of outbound links. But if the content is not unique, no relevancy and of very poor quality it will have no value and all the outbound links will also have no value. Please note: Nearly all the forums uses rel="nofollow" to the outbound links, so even if the forums are very popular and have very high PageRank could not give you a link benefit except some referring visits through your profile or signature.


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