Do you look at the search terms referred from your web analytics and optimize your site accordingly? As I notice the terms that help refer traffic, some terms I am surprised about. I wonder if optimizing for these long tail terms will help bring additional traffic.

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i mainly just keep an eye on traffic and number of sales. I have, like you, been surprised by new inroads to a site and considered the same - "should i put in some extra resources and build that section up?" it really boils down to whether or not i think that new traffic will convert - or if it is qualified enough to monetize.

My take on this is to maximize your keyphrase dynamicability. Pick your web site's important key word phrases and then start mixing in the variations of them in your content and optimizable web page components. Start with synonymous and antonymous keyphrases, changing verb tenses, use the acronyms, abbreviations, pluralizations, alter prefixes and suffixes, play with morphology and other linguistic techniques, ... stay focused on the primary keyphrases. Have a keyphrase takeover plan that totally circumferences your primary targets.

The web analytics details and more informations about it are given in Visit for further informations on it.

Yes it is.Long tail keywords provides you business related traffic.Lon tail keywords are going well.

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