As I understand it, Google can't read flash
Google gives higher weight to keywords and phrases that are nearer the top of the page. (Or have I got it wrong)

So, if I am putting a flash slideshow on a homepage, does it matter if this is positioned higher in the page than the main text content?

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The placement of texts on pages might not be that important since such theories belong to the past at the time of meta tags since nowadays the search bots look for fresh contents and count links.


In my own experiences, it is better for crawlers to pick up your main targeted keywords at the very beginning of your pages. Using H1, bold or italic keywords would be more efficient for ranking purpose. :)

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If your site is purely flash, you can only play around with Title Tag, Meta Keywords and Meta Description. It's not the end of the world but it's way tougher.


If your site is purely flash...

No, the flash is just a small part of the homepage, I just wondered if it's position would impact on the SEO.

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