Any of you have blogspot blog indexed in google? None of my blog pages is indexed, only the url is returned on a ggogle search.

My blog in blogspot cannot be crawled using any tool. I try to use Google Sitemap generator ( and return no results. The ideia is to submit the result file to the new google tool Sitemap ( to help google indexing my blog.


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My friends blogspot page is indexing fine and i`ve seen many blogspot pages being shown during searches , so it`s probably not the blogspot problem .
Try having site`s linked to your site which are now indexed in google

I doubt you can do it with Google SiteMaps because you need to be able to run python commands to even use sitemaps.

If the blogs aren't big then they won't have strong pagerank, which might affect the speed of indexing. Whenever I've launched a big site Google ranks it within two weeks. Yahoo tends to take forever.

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