Hi Everyone,
I have an site which is getting good traffic from google but it's getting very low traffic from other search engines. So please suggest which strategies can be useful for increase my site traffic on yahoo and Bing.

Thanks in advance for your valuable guidance

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Increasing traffic in other search engines are based on only one factor. Your site must have in top position. If your site has top position you will get traffic from any search engine.

You should try Search Engine Optimization. It's way cheaper and much more productive in the long term.

To optimize website for each and every SE is not that easy, you can target one SE at a time like Google, i am telling Google since Google is the one of the major SE in world and high accessed.
But if your PR is high enough then you can get traffic from SE like Yahoo, bing, MSN and etc too...
So just optimize your site for Google and then automatically you will generate traffic from other SE's too...

Well, according to me, if you work on content then it will be better to gain the trust and also, using some seo techniques will also work, as for traffic it requires quality and relevant links to the site and that is from high pr sites that will be beneficial.


Optimizing for all search engines and ranking high on all search engines would be hard though they would share almost all ranking factors but different search engines would give those factors different weight for ranking purpose, IMO. Optimizing our sites for Google would be OK and we would also rank for majority of our ranking keywords on other engines, too, IMO.


All search engines have their own algorithm. Yahoo will consider content too. Follow their algorithms and work on that basis.

Optimize meta tag is efficient to Yahoo and Bing. This Search engine will consider Keywords tag. They also consider the back links for top positions. So work for Back links

Good Content and Keywords will give you the best results.

Key SEO Strategies

1. Set Goals

Identify what you want your SEO campaign to accomplish. While any SEO-conscious writing and page design can contribute to a site's search engine rankings, an unfocused effort will simply waste time and money. After all, a business promoting athletic clothing and footwear may not benefit too much from showing up in searches for evening wear. Is your goal simply to increase your site's visitor traffic? Do you want to generate more sales of a product? Is it part of an effort to promote your digital brand? Each of these goals benefits from different aspects of SEO technique.

2. Link Up

Link building is one of the cornerstones of any SEO effort. Many search engines are spider-based, meaning they use automated processes to collect and categorize information on various websites. When a large number of websites provide links back to your business, or when a particularly high-traffic site does so, the spiders take notice of it and increase the relevance of that link in searches related to those sites.
Keyword writing is consistently stressed as a requirement when websites look for content writers. Keywords are just that, words and phrases chosen for their popularity and relevance to key searches.

There are dozens of theories about keyword writing. In the earlier days of SEO writing, it wasn't uncommon to see pages that were nothing but long strings of repeated variations on a few keywords. This has evolved into more organic writing that fits in keywords with the article as a whole. Whichever strategy is chosen, care must be taken to avoid the temptation to abuse keyword searches. Yes, a proper keyword density will bring up your search rankings over time. However, Google can and does ban pages from its index when they determine it to be a keyword-abusing effort. So consider your keyword choices carefully, and seamlessly integrate them into your entire strategy.

4. Be on the Right Page

One aspect occasionally neglected in SEO is the architecture and design of the webpage itself. Search engines and their ranking systems (be they spider or human based) are growing more sophisticated all the time, and look at many different factors in their decisions. A site that buries its keyword-rich articles on interior pages behind dozens of subsidiary links will not perform as well as one with strategic keyword-oriented material right on the front page. Have an SEO-conscious designer look over your page, as well as your articles.

Remember that every business is a multi-faceted whole. Many failures occur when people attempt to compartmentalize too much. You can't consider SEO as some sort of 'event' that you do every so often, just as a business can't put off routine maintenance of their equipment and expect it to function properly. Integrate your efforts into the entire process, and give them the same focus as any other effort in the business, and they will return their investment much more reliably, quickly, and ideally.

You update your information on the site with daily one new article and do book marks for your site then it will fetch more traffic from other search engines.

think you you probably should work out your page rank as it was mentioned before. Try to get at least 4-6 PR and you will succeed with other SE

Best of luck!

Thanks everyone for your valuable suggestions which will be beneficial for increase my site ranking on other search engines. I want to know that if any sites have higher serp's then it can be effective for increase PR and I also want to know that yahoo answer can be effective to increase serp's on yahoo or not ?

Comment posting, article posting, book marking are the greater ways to get more traffic.

I think your objective is one of the most hard to do because you must focus only to a one search engine before you go to another but I can only suggest to you that you can do article submission and social bookmarking to possibly increase PR of your site in other search engine aside from Google.

For achieving some fast results, you may begin with options like writing articles and then submitting them to some hot directories. Such links might not be very powerful from SEO aspects but a lot of page views could be experienced. The other option is to use some paid advertisements and lots of websites are selling commercial ads spots.

For achieving some fast results, you may begin with options like writing articles and then submitting them to some hot directories. Such links might not be very powerful from SEO aspects but a lot of page views could be experienced. The other option is to use some paid advertisements and lots of websites are selling commercial ads spots.

Thanks for valuable suggestions!
Please provide me some hot directories for submit my article so that it can be useful for my site traffic. I want to know that is yahoo answer can be effective for increase serp's on yahoo.

Social bookmarking (digg, reddit, mixx, delicious, stumbleupon) and networking (twitter, facebook) are good source of traffic.

I must adimit I struggle with by blog and think all the above recommended is not enough. But maybe I just need a bit of luck and more interesting content, which I think I have, so if you could have a look at my website: SNIP and see what you think? Thank you.

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