i am prefer word-press, because SEO friendly. so you can get good SERP blog targeted keyword also, then more functionality will be in word-press only.. so you design the blog in word-press..

Wordpress is better for SEO purposes.

Word press is good. Blog spot is easy to use but nowadays it not help to integrate to our website.

Word press is some what difficult but once done very useful and lot of usages are available

Hi skseo,

I prefer Word press as well since you will use Word press platform for your site. You can use Google ad-sense to it and aside from that there are many SEO plugins that you can utilize to promote your site. Unlike with blogger there are limited application that you can use. Try to do some research as well... :)

Hope this will help

I have been trying to optimize raise my ranking for a long time. I have went from #354- 600 to roughly 8-24 rank on google, bing, yahoo etc. There are approx 20 phrases I rank #1,2 or 3 however I still dont get the traffic. They are sensible keyphrases that I would search for but apparantly noone searches for more than 1 word? These phrases are such as gps inflatable boats, Fishing Gps Chartplotters, etc not 5 or 6 words in length. One problem I see is that pages from months ago are still indexed rather than others recently. Ive been trying to wait to see where the current versions are indexed before making additional changes but it is taking forever. No sitemap problems or errors according to search tools yahoo google etc. One 3 hour period I have 20 visitors and 3 visitors for the 24 hours that follow. Is this because something indexed in good rank and than the page changed so it dropped down again. Months previous Have changed website few times a day or so. I also get alot of visitors from foreign countries yandex russia china and such maybe people looking for google ads which I was part of years ago. They seem to find my site with tools or stupid keyphrases which should not be used together but apparantly I rank high rather than natural search. Most of these people are on site for 1 second or less. Any help would be greatly appreciated. www.fishingsurplus.com

Try to begin with both and than you will see by yourself which is better for you.

I also refer WP but i were you, i would use both.

For SEO is better wordpress. You can use some good plugins, for example All in One SEO.

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