hello friends i m working for a site name prosquote.com this site is related to insurance quotes. now the problem is this yesterday my site ranks on two keywords free insurance quote, insurance quote online at 168 and 82. but today when i search for them they are not in ranking .. why???? please help me

i m waiting for answer .. thanks in advance

It will happen for everyone. Continue your link building work. You will be in SERP.

Its quite nature in SERP. You don need to worry, keep on building quality links you ranking wll get top soon.

It happens. Today you may be on the top, but tomorrow you ll be the last. You defifnitely should keep working hard before you get some permanent ranking. We called it off-page SEO, and that's why I alway say that off-page is an endless process which a very time consuming. Once you start doing off-page -you can stop or to be totally done with it. Everyday you should perform it, you have to be very patient and persevering.

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Ya this is quite normal in search engine optimization. keywords that have ranked today might loose their tomorrow and again gain the rank the next day. This is common so you don't need to worry. Keep working on those keywords for sometime till you get some permanent ranking.

As Ozzzo said SEO is a endless process and it needs lot of patience.

It does happen to everyone. Don't check your ranking everyday. That would be taken negatively by google. Keep on adding fresh and unique content. Do Off-Page SEO, i.e., Link Building, continuously.

In my own experiences, fluctuation of SERP on Google is a normal issue, especially for those hot competitive niches. You need to keep building more backlinks for your sites using your targeted keywords as anchor text.

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The Google ranking changes everyday. SEO is an everyday effort you need to do in order to rank on Google.

First thing first. Don't panic. Sometime your pages are out of top 200 and you might think that you lost the rankings. This is not the case, if you have not done anything wrong like bad links or cloaking etc, black hat tactics, which search engines might have caught.
Else this absence from from SERPs often results in better rankings in next 2-3 weeks.
Just need to make sure that you seo efforts are consistent so that things does not look unnatural to searach engines bots at anytime.

oh,it doesn't matty,it's commonly,just continue propagate it.I think you can see the profit.:)

This is a problem that many people are having, are you sure you don't have plagiarism issues?