I found this site "http://www.seomastering.com/pagerank-prediction.php" where they have a PR "prediction" tool and I wonder how "real" this tool can be in your opinion?

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That is not accurate at all, if you are looking for a free web application that estimates your page rank go here stimator.com

This is by far the best one I have used, it even evaluates the price of your website! I put my website on there ( SNIP ) and it was pretty damn close : )

What benefit do you get by knowing your pagerank ahead of time?

I don't think there would accurate tool in predicting PR since there are still a period of time for us to do more jobs for increasing our PR. BTW, according to the service above, my site would have a new PR of about 5.59 in the coming PR update. :)

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i think there is not tool to predict the google page rank.

Even if you page rank updated, What is the use of it. It won't help you in traffic or rankings.

I don't think the results are accurate as site itself says the results won't appear to be exact and accurate.

I am not sure about this tool, best thing is my PR is increasing according to this tool.

Thanks for sharing nice tool!
I am glad to found such interesting tool and I have checked future PR of my all sites. I don't do it will be right or wrong but I enjoyed to used this tool.

You can't believe on these kind of prediction tool available online because nobody know the Google algorithm of giving PR to any website.

I don't think that any such tool is really worth using as it will not provide the accurate result...

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