hi all.....

When is Google going to update page rank algorithm? Is there any specific time duration for updation of its algorithm....what are the factors on which there are chances of increase in page rank.....My site's page rank is 2 right now....

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Hello buddy
I think Google Page Rank update is every 3 Months..

Google update PR every three month. Last update is end of March, i guess that next update will be end of June.

Years ago, Google used to update their pagerank algorithm quarterly. However, the public PR as shown in the Google toolbar is all but deprecated. Bottom line = It's a worthless statistic that google rarely updates and is not really a reflection of how you rank in the search engines.

approximately 3-4 months!

Google will not reveal when page rank update is happening and when it is going to update its algorithm and we need to build quality backlinks for better ranking.

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