I see my company's performance going well on Google, however, it doesn't bring the required results as in
getting project enquiries, direct from our site.
Wrong keywords might be the case? In that case, how do we figure out the right keywords?

Have I put my query in a correct way?


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If Google page ranking is high, you can earn money through your site by SEO marketing better to keep this rank in future updates.. So many people are investing lot of amount for advertisements to increase their Google ranking ..


Yes, you need to review your keywords. Try to review them with the adwords keyword tool and verify if have a good amount of searches.


There are a handful of keyword tools out there. Unfortunately, I don't know of any offhand, but a quick Google search should do the trick. The right keywords are not only relevant but also receive a good amount of search traffic and also are "achievable" goals. For example, it might not be realistic for you to rank #1 for the search term "shoes" but it might be reasonable given your marketing budget to set a goal of ranking for the search term "blue suede shoes".

Once you've set achievable goals for yourself, go after those search terms with both on and off page optimization strategies.

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