Does anyone experience of losing their SERP's on Google search engine when you've resubmit the sitemap.xml on GWT?

What to do and How do you deal with it?

Please give time to respond.

Thanks a lot

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i was once being banned by google that is SERPS's loss... one thiing i do is that i increase my backling to stick my website in the top position in google.. u can also do the same . try this : <snip>


I don't think it is sitemap resubmitting lead to SERP loss since I also use an automatic sitemap generating and submitting script in my admin area to re-submit sitemaps when I have new pages added to my sites. Keeping balance between your fresh contents and already ranking pages would be the essential issue.

Have a nice day,

On my experience I don't have to resubmit sitemap since it will generate automatically. I just tried it. when I checked my SERP's on google 2 days after discovering that SERP's lost, I tried to check again it's SERP's and it came back to normal, so i guess it is because I resubmit the sitemap.xml to GWT?

Thanks again!

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