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Yahoo has many ways to help you find want you want easily. Here are 23 Power Search Tips to make your Yahoo Experience easier and more fun. These Search Tips were found on the Following Yahoo web pages

1 - site

Yahoo will restrict its search to only find results from the Target Domain

* help Will Find Pages about Help

2 - link

Lists web pages that have links to Target Web Page

* link: Return Links to

3 - intitle

Will only Return Pages that contain that word in the Title

* intitle:search

4 - inurl:

Will only Return Pages that contain that word in the URL

* inurl:search

5 - hostname

Find all documents from a specific host only.


6- URL

find a specific document in Yahoo's Index

* URL:

7 - Include words

Yahoo will generally search for all documents that contain all of your words. Certain words like it, in how will always be excluded by Yahoo. To ensure yahoo includes all of your words use a Plus sign(+) in front of your word. +the agony +of +it +all

8 - Exclude words

Excluding Words: To exclude words, type a minus sign - in front of them. No pages containing those words will show up in your results. For example, if you want to see pages about dogs with no mention of poodles, search for "dogs -poodles."

9 - Either /Or

You can search for england or france

10 - Exact Phrase

To search for an exact phrase, just put quotation marks around two or more words. "mike makler"

11 - Maps

Maps St Louis will return a Map of St Louis

12 - Weather

Weather St Louis will return current St Louis Weather

13 - Dictionary

Define Dog will return the dictionary defination of Dog (Works with any word in English)

14 - News

Type in News and Topic
news Yankees will return News about the Yankees
news Search engines will return news about search engines

15 - Yellow Page Listings

Type in a 5 Digit Zip code to get a Yellow Page Listing

16 - Airport Information

For Latest airport conditions

ohare airport will return conditions at OHare Airport

17 - Flight Status

For flight departure, arrival and status Information, search on the airline name or airline code and flight number.

United 63 will return the status of united flight 63

18 - Gas Prices

For Gas Prices type in the word gas and a Zip code gas 63031

19 - Package Tracking To check the status of packages shipped via UPS, Federal Express or the United States Postal Service.

For UPS orders, enter the tracking code.

For FedEx shipments, search on "fedex" plus the tracking number.

For USPS tracking numbers, search on "usps" plus the tracking code.

20 - Sports Score

To get the Latest Score for your favorite team type in your team name and the word scores

Yankees scores will return scores on the Yankees

baseball scores will return all baseball scores

21 - Stock Quote

Type in the word quote and the stock symbol

Quote IBM

22 - Traffic Report

Type in the city and the word traffic

St Louis Traffic

23 UPC Codes

To find Information such as the manufacturer for any product, search on the UPC bar code. The bar codes are the patterns of black and white bars and numbers that are used to uniquely identify a product.

In case you are confused I currently live in the St Louis Metro Area but I was born and raised in New York City so I bleed Yankee Pin Stripes.

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