There could be several strategies to build quality links for your website. It could be through off page website optimization, like posting in various forums and sharing your links there, writing guest posts on various blogs and sharing your links within the posts, commenting on forums and blog posts, or write quality content that could get some linkbacks from high ranking websites. You could also enroll your website in some blog community that publishes your posts. Link building requires quality content. The better your content is, more link back and traffic it would get from other blogs and websites and social media networks. Else, you would have to work on manually posting the links to various websites through the method discussed above and could also use free classifieds to promote your website and get quality links.

try using ... create your account and then start digging. make friend... and after doing this thing repeatedly, and built your credential, submit story from your blog... the high PR for dig and other similar site like stumbleupon really help u... by the way, u get quality link from digg