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Two of my inner pages were indexed by google previously but now they are not showing up in index.......After resubmissions for two times, still google has not indexed them from longer time......those two pages are:-


Any problem in pages ? What must be the reason for not indexing? Kindly provide your valubale suggestions......

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Hi Jiten

As for me, Google is now going to update so it may be reason behind that?.I checked your site page rank it is 2.


Instead of resubmitting, I would like to recommend you to build backlinks for your new pages for indexing purpose.

all the best,

How are you checking that Google has indexed your pages?

If you are using the "site:" search option then this is well known to only provide a subset of the full index.

A more reliable test is to use the "cache:www.website.com/page.htm" search option and see if Google has cached the page.

For major details, register your website with Google Webmaster Tools and find out all about
how they are indexing your website and even what problems they are having.

Don't keep re-submitting your website to Google, the only thing that can do is annoy them!

May be your 2 pages in very deep in your websites and may be not interlink to the any pages if you do so your pages indexed quickly.

if your website not index means that your website is not follow goolgle crowling critera and does not follow the google algo.

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