I am sure you have all heard the adage of “Once you pop… You can’t stop.” Yes that is the notorious Pringles jingle. I like to think that more than not in today’s pay per click marketing strategy world this adage is happening daily. Is it the right approach? NO! But believe me when I tell you many businesses today pop open their pay per click campaign whether good or bad for them and burn through a lot of dollars without looking at the consequences of it.

There are three things you can’t take back easily in pay per click marketing; just as eating a lot of Pringles doesn’t do your body good. Popping the top in pay per click marketing while un-moderated has a similar effect. If you do not have a clearly defined strategy before indulging you can feel the impact of lower quality scores, higher cost per click and lower positioning and placement. This is not to indifferent from that can of Pringles, you have the opportunity to gain weight, increase cholesterol and get greasy fingers. Ok, I don’t know about you but not sounding to great to just pop the top and walk away.

The good news! If you are able to define and build a strategy, select the correct keywords including relevant keywords, ad placements, copy and optimized website to drive conversions away you go and you will see the revenue, results and conversions pour into your business. So at the end of the day pay per click marketing is an AMAZING marketing tool if moderated, strategically put into place and not just opened up and left with the lid off for all to pour out.


Yup, it is definitely a powerful tool that can be used poorly...
Let me also quote something: "With great power, comes great responsibility." Spiderman hehe

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