please tell me about creating squidoo lens or wordpress blogs to gain backlinks or for promoting our sites. I have seen some site like <snip> offering such services.But i am not sure of how it will help.Have anyone of you tried such techniques?
How much it will be effective in our internet promotions?


As for backlinking purpose, I think wordpress blogs(especially self hosting) would be more powerful since you have full controls on how to organize your links. While, squidoo lens might help more for traffic purpose these days.

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One way of doing this quickly is through Article Marketing.

i also want to know about it
If anybody reply you then pls let me know

try link wheel :) hope this will help

For Best SEO techniques i have use different link building methods like article marketing, social networking,PPC marketing, social bookmarking, forum posting and commenting etc.These methods will help your site to rank well in search engine.

It is certainly better to create your own off-site ranking influences than to harvest external links forcibly but not in a manner intended exclusively to manipulate the search engine but rather in a way that encourages your Internet visitor to click the link for additional content resources, of yours.

Should use some free software for SEO. Like backlink, meta tags,

Article Marketing is a powerful technique and link wheels with wordpress blogs are very useful too.

Well blogging at wordpress is very useful when you want to create backlinks.. Make a blog, ping it, customize it and update it with fresh content regularly... This will be a very helpful technique!

The best option is to get backs link from the same theme based websites and try to get one way back links. You can submit articles, forum discussion and social bookmarking for getting good back links.

I can see what you said most worth the time energy technology / do not have money / but that many of them at work.
While I agree that most directories to be useless there are some that really are worth close to are presented. These common types of FFA but high quality niche directories that most due to the high standards that they maintain are not trusted by search engines. Of course these are hard to find and very difficult to join, but they are definitely worth the effort.

I have also same doubt about squidoo lens.Please help me.

According to me, blogging at Wordpress will be more effective than Squidoo lens to get the backlinks.

One way of doing this quickly is through Article Marketing.

Profile backlinks and blogs comment are also good way to build backlinks. They are all useful to get link juice.

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