Can anyone tell me how to decide keywords for any page.

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I use Google Keyword tool for that purpose.

Do a keyword research for your main keywords. Then choose the high search keywords that you think you can dominate then gathered all the keywords and optimise your homepage, subpages. I would recommend 2 to 3 keywords for each pages for you to focus in optimising.

Search your main keyword (example: Hollywood) in Google adwords keyword tool or in some other good keyword tool and then see the keywords displayed and their monthly search count. Pick a couple of medium monthly search count keywords and start optimizing your site for them.


In my own experiences, we could decide one main keyword for every single page according to the page contents and use the page contents for targeting more long tail keywords.

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First according to the theme of the webpage you have to prepare a list of keywords whatever comes in your mind, then with the help of keyowrd suggestion tool you can get search volume and competition for the keywords and according to high search volume and low competiton you have to prepare a list offinal keywords for optimization.

There are many online tools that will assist you in choosing keywords and estimating their popularity on the Internet.

You can first check your website content and choose your keyword according to your product or services and then use Google extension tool for more related keyword. You can also check the traffic and competition of your competitors websites and for an idea.

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