i am reading 'SEO made simple' book.
there is a paragraph that i don't get its meaning. hope you help me.
here it is:

' One thing to keep in mind is that you should vary your link text from time to time sp Google doesn't think you are up to any funny business.Adding some variety id good for all involved-browsers,webmasters,and website users.One way to do this is to use multiple keyword phrase in your link text. '

thank you friends.

It means that if you want to rank for the keyword "blue and white shoes" then don't force every single site that links to you through your marketing efforts to use the anchor text "blue and white shoes". That looks really unnatural and obvious that you are behind placing those links there.

but because of 'time to time' i think it is better to change link text sometimes, but it seems not a good idea to change link anchor,because it counts like keywords for site.

yeah its a very good information about new seo trend. thx for share.

If you do a few short tail (most of the time) and long tail (less of the time) variations of the anchor text as you link build you'll be fine.