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Hello guys,
I want to earn from my blog with Google ad-sense and targeting highly competition keywords which are mainly searched in search engines so that my blog can get lots of traffic.but What I see in in particular keyword which I will select to optimize for my blog so when any users come through search in by that keywords and when click on ads and i get lots from one click?

Suppose Keyword- "Search engine marketing"

Monthly search in Google is 5,50,000 times and ppc is $9 something. so what exactly it means?


It sounds like you are going to pay 9 bucks per click.....Google is driving up the price of certain keywords so they are not profitable. They are discouraging the marketing of certain products and services....

Good luck,


Hi backendcode,

I am sorry to say this, but I think you are going about it the wrong way.

Firstly let me clarify one thing. When you see those estimated CPC from the keyword tool (say mesothelioma with an estimated CPC of £76.08) it does not mean that Google will pay you £76.08 each time you get a click from that keywords.

Why? Well you are not sure that people are bidding £76.08 for that keyword (it's Google's estimate) and secondly Google have to take their cut before paying you an undisclosed percentage of what the advertiser is bidding.

I would strongly recommend that you only build websites around profitable niche markets. To find out how to find profitable Niches, go to Find Profitable Niches

However let's say you wanted to absolutely make a killing and go after the "mesothelioma " keyword which is supposed to be worth £76.08 per click, then use the Google's Keyword tool and type in mesothelioma, to get Keywords.

You would get keyword like:

  • mesothelioma
  • what is mesothelioma
  • mesothelioma claims
  • symptoms of mesothelioma
  • international mesothelioma
  • mesothelioma causes
  • mesothelioma symptoms
  • mesothelioma statistics
  • houston mesothelioma lawyers
  • wisconsin mesothelioma attorney
  • california mesothelioma lawyers
  • mesothelioma compensation
  • etc.

Then you optimize your web pages for these keywords or write your blog articles on them.

To get other keyword ideas use tools like:
Google Wonder wheel

The thing i like about word traker and Spyfu is that they give you very relevant and close to accurate information!

There are two main components to choose good keywords, relevance and popularity. If you select a keyword or phrase that is very relevant, but never asked, you will not prosper. Conversely, if a word is very popular but not relevant to your offerings, you will not have a good conversion.

Getting an Appropriate keyword for your site is totally a vast research work. but also Google Ad words is a tool that can help you more often in this regard.

If any body use goggle awards tool than it is possible to know easily.

Keyword is one of the most important for site so every business owner have to take care when they searching keyword. Google Adwords is best tool for keyword searching you can choose most relevant keywords which has a higher searches in search engine for your site.

Selecting keyword for your website is probably one of the most important things you do with your website. If you want your website to be visible among the top tier of search results then choosing the right keyword is very essential. With google keeping it's new updated Panda search algorithm description very secretive the best we can do is prepare the we know well enough.

Keyword has to be appropriate to the content of your website. Choose the words from your website content which convey the gist of the purpose of your web page. For e.g. if your website is about toothpaste then your toothpaste and teeth should definitely be in the list of your keywords. Words closely related to toothpaste should be next and so on. If the toothpaste is for a special kind of product then mention that, for e.g. if the toothpaste is for specially meant for smokers then the words 'smoking' 'smokers' 'toothpaste' 'teeth' are few of the most important keywords.

Google's Adword tool is an excellent keyword suggester, even Google Insight is a good tool for knowing the extend till which the keyword usage can be successful.

If one keyword has $9 PPC it doesn't mean you every site will get $9 per click but it always vary site to site.

The keyword selection is good and due to good keyword your site going fast in google ranking up.and some people use pay per click to show that we have so many customer than google advertise here and you get profit.

Based on content select the most powerful keywords which in short describes the whole content

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