Meta Tags are very important for the Site .This is an often disputed topic among SEO’s because some feel search engines to not use these when determining search engine relevancy while others do. My take on this is that most search engines don’t use them when determining search results. The meta description is located in the head of your site along with the title.

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I think the description metatag is important, unlike the keyword metatag, which I don't think is useful anymore.

Yes, is true title and description are the most important.

Title Tags, Meta tags & Meta Keywords is Most Important role is seo.

Meta Tags is the traditional way of approach to SEO.

Meta tags are important. i dont know why people ignore them

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Meta tags Useful for getting keyword position
First one Title Tag
Second one Description Tags
Third one Keywords Tags

Meta keywords useful for getting keyword position

Reason: Google crawling your website u will find relevant keywords for you website so that time meta keyword useful for getting keyword position

I think the description metatag is important, unlike the keyword metatag, which I don't think is useful anymore.


In my own experiences, meta description tag would still be important for general search engines ranking purpose while meta keywords tag is useful for social media optimization purpose, too. :)

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Absolutely right, Meta tags are most important for any site and it is the initial step in seo process. Search engines consider the meta tags first and other factors later on. So you have to put proper meta tags in your site

If any bot crawls the site's page then it first visit the title tags and meta tag for the website so it is clear that you can't ignore it.

Yes. Meta tag optimization is the major part in seo. Do concentrate more on title and description than meta keywords.

Let me say something .....
OH .... YES, keyword meta tag is not important nowaday ( As you all say that :D )
meta description tag is use to show some information about page in SERP,but if it is empty or not provided,some content from the first paragraph will be shown or any ealier content on the page.

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