Just how important are the meta tags in SEO,or are they overated?could your keywords being in the domain,title and appearing 3 or 4 times in the homepage's article do a good enough job for SEO in a low competition niche?
Please give your ideas and suggestions on this

Thanks in advance :)

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but i think meta tag has no value in today's.the only thing are important in the on page optimization are-
title tag
and the anchor text


When Meta tags are used properly they can be of great value in SEO.

Meta Description, for example, offers the search engine your ideas about what the webpage is about. The search engine considers it and can be convinced that in fact your ideas are accurate and use your Description on the search engine results pages (instead of alternative descriptions it determines otherwise). Not only does this tag offer you a chance to compel your qualified visitors to clickthrough the search engine results into your webpage but it allows you to steer the search engines in the right keyphrase direction. The Meta Description undoubtedly is a fundamental on-site ranking factor that should be carefully crafted.

The Meta Keywords is another imporatnt HTML tag (that the search engines originally introduced to SEO) that allows the webmaster an opportunity to indicate what are the significant keywords/keyphrases for a web site, keywords you think merit attention. The search engines don't necessarily use this tag to boost value for the web page in a keyphrase search request, they generally use it as a guide post to what is of importance according to the webmaster.

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meta tags are not so useless they still have importance in today's seo they make your site / page easily read by the search engine crawler and tell them the hidden truths about your site / web page


It's still important. Otherwise how would the search engine know what keywords you wish to target.

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