I have a website which has low keyword ranking. I have done on-page and off-page. Google also cached my website many times, but it's not helped my keyword ranking… so if someone knows that how to get keyword ranking up then please let me know…

try to get backlinks from high pr sites .will you tell how many backlinks you have create and pr af site ,time of creation

If it's the website in your signature it may be because your doing keyword spamming in the footer.

You've gone a bit crazy with your meta data as well, but I don't think this would be negative.

It's a .com domain that is hosted in the USA, so are you testing your keywords performance in the USA?

If you have done with the SEO. Try doing link exchange or you might have done keyword spamming. Check it again.

start postion articles, classified, press release, forum commenting linking on your targeted keywords. this will give you good rank on google

Quality backlinking will help youin this case and good content is key for this purpose and drive the social media for trafic you can get goor rank as well

Well, most of the time the seo acitivites are not help out the site in achieving targets and visibility in the search results because the selection of the keyword are not match with the website, keywords are highly competitive.

With quality back linking is he method to bring your keyword on the top

Everyone looking toward getting the ranking , but there is no hard and fast method for getting top ranking on Google except getting back links from high qualiy site which are relevant to your niche.

As per my experience Social bookmarking in High PR DO FOllow sites help you. I have also the same problem but this technique solve my problem.

if your site appeare in google index that it issue of low quality back links...

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