Which pages are good from search engine point of view and why? Please help.

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https means over a secure connection.

Http commonly used in HTML pages, but other resources can also be used via http. In many cases, customers can exchange sensitive information with the server, which is secured to prevent unauthorized access. HTTPS or secure HTTP was developed by Netscape, the company gives permission, and secure transactions.

HTTP means "hyper text transfer protocol" while
HTTPS means "hyper text transfer protocol secure".

http is hyper text transfer protocol. it is used used to transfer information web pages on over internet. though it is not secure connection. and not idle for e commerce . and for online transations. for that purpose we use HTTPS which is secure .it is a secure channel on insecure network . it provide the encrypted and secure communication on network to send the sensitive information.

I think ,both are same for search engines,because https is a SSL(Secure socket layer
) certificate for the security.It doesn't matter for Search Engine Spider bot.

In my opinion, it doesn't matter if your url has https or in default http. Both url are search engine friendly. The only difference between https and http is the security. https is more secure than http cause https cause it is encrypted by SSL Certificate.

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