I think this is been a long time passed when Google have not updated PR. So any ideas why they have not updated PR? and when will be next the PR update?

Chance of pr update on December 1st week .

Google does not have the quarterly PR updates like they had years ago. Instead, there are now constant fluctuations in their algorithm.

Google doesnot leaks this informations

May be in December.... Just leave it on google.

According to me google update PR end of Dec(31st).


I Thing coming December last week PR rank update, so every one try to increase your website backlinks..

31 Dec is the expected date for next PR updation...


I think the coming PR update would happen between the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011. Also, I think Google would keep its PR system until a new more reasonable system be worked out. :)

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Google never share the information. But we wait until 31st December to see our PR.

If not get updated, expect first quarter of 2011 :)

i think its totally based on google algorithm and due to their change in algorithm this might take some time.

Many of you are now seeing page ranks on new sites that have had a score of zero for several months. Others of you have see your great page rank go down, which may hurt your overall placement only time will tell.

According to wikipedia, it's "estimated" to be Dec 31st. The last time, it was in April (according to the same article). Here's some details on the next page rank update.

well, everyone can only make an estimate.
because no body knows it except google engineers

That's why I said "estimate" and not confirmed. ;)

At least it's not from a source like "I heard it on some forum..." Rather, at least I have a source unlike many posts. :)

Oh I forgot, but it's instead "anybody can may a guess"...and estimate is based off other information and is a calculated or supported prediction.

Search on google :P

Finally Google have updated the page rank.

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Finally Google have updated the page rank.

Ya Google updated Page Rank on 20th January as i checked.

Go to the Google forum and see the daily updates.

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