Yesterday Google updated PageRank.
What did you get from this update?

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So, this update didn't bring any good or bad changes to my ass :)

Lots of websites have still retained their previous PR values while a few might have reported some PageRank increases. If your homepage ranks have increased as well as its PR, that would be a great piece of news for you definitely. It is recommended trying to boost the organic rankings of the websites no matter how high or low their PR scores are actually.

Most of the sites got Good PR.

Had PR0, got 1.
I was expecting at least 2...but....who knows? Maybe next time

I am so happy because my one site move from 0 to 2 PR and other site move from 2 to 3 PR..

I'm not that pleased. My PR dropped from 6 to 5 because I was too busy to fix some broken links. :-(

But with a lower PR, did you notice a lower amount of visitors?

I got 2=>3 and 3=>2

Don't focus too much on Google Toolbar Page Rank. It has no baring on how well your website will rank in the search engine results pages. There are many sites with low PR that outrank sites with high PR. That's because those sites have optimized their site components, have better navigation, and relevant content tailored towards specified keywords. pr 2 -> 4
so it gave me enough to feel happy :)

Now DataPeople's PR 2.


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