I have an Adwords account with $100 in it. I want to be able to sell my Clickbank products on Google Adwords? Google Adwords doesn't allow bridge links like the ones Clickbank gives me? But I thought I might be able to do this....
Would that still give me money if the user buys something?
Or what is another way I might be able to do Adwords with Clickbank if this won't work?

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Even if they do make sales . . . they don't get paid out.

Even worse . . . what they are owed is slowly eroded from their ClickBank account

You need a landing page with a review and there you can promote your affiliate products.

Joe, let me know if you are able to use Adwords with Clickbank. My understanding is Google will not allow it.



you must need a landing page.

you must need a landing page.

Yes, of course.

Just a couple of questions.

Have you done it?

Have you had an issue with ad approval and quality scores?

Have you gotten a ROI? How much?



You have to be very careful with the product you chose to promote. Most of the time, the “high gravity” products would have so much of PPC buyers that the CPC would have shot sky high by the time newbies enter the field. The best thing to do could be to go the “organic” way by writing reviews and articles. If you are hell bent on PPC, chase the long tail by doing some keyword research

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