I have a few dating sites and male enhancement sites. I am wondering if I need to use each site for different IP address.

Does it affect in SEO to user different IP address for each site?

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I think it never affect!

Yes, you always want to use a different IP address for each site. Google associates sites on the same IP block as being affiliated, which means that if one site gets banned or devalued in the Google index for blackhat techniques, they all are hurt.

Yes website ip effects on seo for some search engines like google .

The only way it can affect you is if you moved onto an IP that has been blacklisted already!

Other than that ... you'll be ok!

i think sometimes it will affect, especially if you promote a website example form USA then your are form other coutry

It would effect search engine if you post all your site in same IP address. Its the backlinks for those sites which should be in different ip addresses.

As mentioned earlier, keep regional sites hosted on country specific IP addresses (ie: host .ca on Canadian soil).

It's ok to have two or three web sites hosted on the same IP address but not 200.

It effects on some search engine like google. google count many lisk from same ip=1 Backlink

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