Hi guys, I'm pretty new in ths ocean of SEO and I'm trying to improve optimization on a website with Google.
I got a question and is not easy to find answer in Google too...

The website is well seen in google with the main page index.php on the root
My next move is to have a presentation page (a new index with just "welcome to the new site click here"). The link will redirect the user to a subfolder: i.e.


and this will be the page with all the content that should be indexed by search engine.

So the question is: How can I have the same benefit i have in the actual index on the root when I will do this change? Will Google index my /subfolder/index.php page?


For SEO its ok, google will crawl all your pages but why do you need it?

Thank for reply AJKpeter. You know I'm worried because actually the "future page" on the /subfolder/index.php contains lot of info more the index.php in the root but is not indexed on Google and so I'mm worried to leave the actual index and lose all the positions. I have no chance because of the structure of the site.. it'a a very dynamic website and the main content is on http://www.sitename.com/folder_000/index.php
This page is never found on google but my plan is to have a "welcome page" that will forward the user there with a click. I hope my description was ok ...


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