Hi does any one know how to get within 5 pages of Google ,if so let me know the system and also let me know when will Google crawls the site?

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There is no publicly known set schedule when Google crawlers visit your site. You just have to make sure your site follows best practices. Also, certain web analytic tools allow you to detect crawler/spider activity.

There are many ways of getting top spots on Google. Find the right SEO Consultant and get them to help you achieve that. Otherwise, go read up on SEO and practice it.

SEO is the answer there. Practice SEO. make some experiment. Choose the right keywords. Your site will be on top in no time.

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Toni Vlaic

yes choose seo and see the results ..

Do you really want your site to be on the 5th page of SERP for Google? REsearch shows that the majority of searchers only view 2-3 pages max. Thus, it is very important to optimize your site to appear on the first page by following all the best practices.

Its possible to get your site within 5 pages. Start doing SEO for your site ..

I agree with InsightDigital that - the majority of searchers only view 2-3 pages max. Seo is the answer but dont expect good results within few days....

Getting to the first 5 pages is not to difficult, getting on the first page takes time and research. update your content and play with long tail phrases. dont forget, if you are selling something on your site, use a keyword like "get" and "buy" this means the person searching for a specific item actually want to purchase the item :P

build links everyday, you can see the result within 3-4 months. it's a continuous process so better have patience when submitting all you links on all marketing avenues.

In my own experiences, targeting right keywords would be the most important step if you expect a successful SEO campaign. Generally speaking, title tags and backlinks with your targeted keywords would be 2 top issues for ranking purpose. Also, Bookmarking your sites on some hot sites like stumbleupon and submitting your articles to those hot article directories would usually make your links on Google SERP for your keywords promptly, IMO.

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there is no specific time period has been mentioned by Google. G crawlers will surly crawl your site as fast as you would have added fresh contents on your site.

If your keyword is in a low competition niche, you can include your sitemap in the google webmaster center and get some backlinks with bookmarking and articles.

Google relies heavily on inbound relevant links to rank a site. Concentrate on SEO and overall keep it ethical and you can't go far wrong.

First Start your SEO activities from article submission by targeting the keywords you want to have top position, then make a list of forums related to that keywords and also gather list about high PR blogs related to same keywords. Make signature on forums and post on relevant pages. Also post on blogs but not too many of them, try to make profile links on high PR sites forums, For quick crawling try to add new content and get some good PR links

No one actually knows when Google updates. But before that time comes, make sure that have your quality content together with creating quality of inbound links to make sure that you get to your desired ranking.

It is easy, you need to work on particular keyword. Have that keyword as an anchor text while building back links. It will happen soon.

i've recently read about fast google ranking and found blog posting is a great way to get the results more effectively and instantly... but off course there are other ways too


Your site must have quality content and unique keywords which are helpful in getting traffic. Also, start practicing SEO for your site. This will really help you a lot.

All the best.

two ways
one is through pay to link in front of searching result.
another is SEO .....and ,,,how to ...you can searching use google....

You are talking about achieving results on Google and the only way would be to use and follow SEO guidelines and methods. For example, nowadays links are playing very big roles over the net, shaping a lot of great and profitable businesses and based on the keyterms you have chosen and how competitive they are, you will need to add some links to your website and then be patient for some time because SEO is a long term process.

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