I want to get updated in SEO and SMO , wants to know what is the latest technology going on can any1 tel me how to stay updated ????
Your replies are appreciatble...

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follow matt cutts, avinash kaushik like people on twitter and facebook, Google Buzz, etc. also follow official blogs of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines to stay updated...

You will need to be active on SEO community style sites, and places like seo.alltop.com


I would like to recommend blogs like searchengineland, seobook and seomoz. Of course, forums like daniweb, v7n are also nice places to visit regularly.

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i have read mattcutts blogs and it's very useful many thanks for sharing

there are tons more blogs out there than just Matt Cutt's and Google Webmaster Blogspot

just look up guys who are actually in the industry, not self proclaimed gurus

I usually subscribe to a few top industry blogs and social media blogs and that keeps me afloat

It's very difficult for any SEO to really stay up-to-date. There are so many different blogs out there. A lot of them post opinions that aren't always verified. So watch out what information you take in.

I limit my information feed to a few authority websites:
- seomoz
- seobook
And a few others on occasion. But mainly these two cover everything there is to know about SEO. If you absorbed all information available on these sites - well done!

See what your competitors are doing and try a to follow that, search for sites that will allow your links that will generate traffic. You can also hire an seo company to help you with your seo.

For this you'll have to read Google blogs, blogs of SEO experts & through sites like seomoz,seobook etc.It's better to join SEO forums like this one & take active participation.

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