I began using crispads. I can not recommend because I did not get payed yet. Any experiences here?

The good thing is that they pay after 5$ through paypal.

The downside is they have few keywords, mainly: love, hosting, casino...

They now have extensive keywords-try using the new search feature they have.I like Cripsads,you know what each click is going to bring,as they pay flat rates,and yes,they pay,I have been paid six months in a row-no trouble at all.
I do not recommend them as your only ad supplier,but they are a great addition.If Adsense is out for you,join the crowd!
I quess you could call me a three time loser-I have had the unique experience of being kicked out of Google not once but three times!
Yes,I admit,I used two other relatives to get me new accounts,I just could not believe what happened each time.I would struggle for a few months to get to the $100.00 payout mark-and each time I received the now famous dismissal letter saying that I had vilolated their TOS with unauthorised clicks.
The first time,I may have been slightly guilty-I urged a few family members to tell me what was on the other end of those ad links.I did that a total of 4 times.Who hasn't?
The next two times I was extermely careful,and there was no violations,other then they had to kick me out or pay up.I resisted all their attemots to get me to advertise through them-that is the mistake I made!
If you do not advertise with them,and aren't creating high revenues-BINGO!From the sounds of other forums etc,this occurs hundreds of time each month.They,Google claim they refund to advertisers.but search as I might,I can find no one that ever received a rebate or credit.This puts millions into Google's pocket each year,but with thousands of new blogs etc everyday-it is an unlimited gold mine for them! Enough of a history lesson-here is what's new.

I have tried Bidvertiser,clicksor,adbrite,allfeeds,bannerboxes,kanoodle and a few more,but was never happy with any.
I then discovered Europe's secret and am now earning 3x more then Google or any others.Same sites,same content.over 300% more paid per click.And they pay!
Nuff said here-I want you to visit my blogsite and learn more.please give it a serious read-you will be glad you did.
A REAL ALTERNATIVE TO ADSENSE can be found at << url snipped >>

I no longer can recommend crispads-or oxado for the first time ever they are not paying nor do they respond to contacts or emails and I am not alone in this by far



I am afraid they will not allow me to post my link or even give you the name.I will try with a PM

Has anyone out there heard about WideCircles.com. It seems like a way better service then wasting money on PPC. Apparently they are using refering websites ( forums, blogs, wiki, etc. ) and have a viral word of mouth distributed approach to it. My friend told me he got around 100 visits from single post which cost him $0.40c. I am going to give them a try today . In case you are intrested here is it. http://widecircles.com

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