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Today, I would like to discuss here my problem what I am facing these days while doing SMO for my Blogs. I have Created my Blogs on Blogger.com and word press, Both of the sites, Where I am posting most often and by this way updating my contents regularly by using some great and unique scenarios. I always use to promote these blog posts on digg, delicious, and stumble upon type some excellent social book marking sites.

Now My concern is, Why digg accounts are getting banned very often while promoting these blogs there? Is there any key factor to keep in mind while promoting the blogs on digg and prevents my accounts from getting banned most often? I hope most of the member are using the same SMO techniques; I would like to ask with them, were they suffered ever with the same type of problem? please come up here and let us discuss to get resolved this type of issues with a proper and healthy solution.

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I have never seen any of my digg account being banned. Probably, your ip may have been badly blacklisted.

Where are you from? I never encountered being banned on Digg. Check their TOS and look for something that you might have caused your being banned... or maybe you're promoting ADULT sites.. jeje just kidding.

Well, Thanks! But I have done the same already as you have suggested to check the TOS of dig account. After ensuring myself that every thing is working fine according to their standards and parameters, Even I have mailed them also regarding this to know the key factors behind getting banned the accounts. They should let me know about this via revert reply so that we will come to know what is the parameter that is to be followed next time to keep doing a genuine and healthy SMO tactics. I seriously Don't want to disrupt the decorum, In fact I am facing a very genuine problem in this regard, That's why I started this thread here hoping that some SEO experts will be there for helping me out about this serious issue I am facing, So need not to do any kind of kidding with me, Please discuss some realistic solutions.

I have never banned for digg . Which type of content you are posting their . I think it is happening because of spamming or you breaking policy of using Digg

Well it's true that Digg account are most often get banned but it all depends that how you are using these account. If you spamming then there are most likely chances to get banned. You should not make a lot's of post per day there is no limit for the post in Digg but you must do handful only. Don't try to foll hundreds user in a day etc. And for the first week you should not post more then 5 or 10 post in one account. But i will suggest one or 2 post for the first 3 day's.

I'm sure you will be spamming there thats why they blocked your accounts... please try to avoid spamming..

I think it must be related to IP address and spamming.so try to avoid it

it happened to my account too even i'm not breaching the rules.

Most probably, it is due to spamming. The same url might have been posted many times.

Yes it's all because of spamming one should must be very care full using Digg account.

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