quality based back link follow , forums and Analise work for competitor make fasten to increase the ranking.

First, getting top rank in search engines is not something that's easy, but it's not something that is out of reach either. The first thing you have to do is to make sure that your site is properly optimized that's where On-page optimization comes. The reason you have to do is to make sure that your homepage and your site pages are well optimized in order to make your site search engine friendly which can play a major role when it comes down to ranking and traffic.

Then the next step is with Off-page optimization which has to do mostly with promotion. Promoting your site is going to be the key in getting top ranking which is going to translate into traffic. There are various ways you can promote your site so that you can achieve as many back-links as you can to achieve better ranking in the search results.

Here is list of methods that you can use:

Article marketing ----> Due to the recent Google Panda update, try to focus on submitting only unique content.
Forum posting --------> That can also be helpful if it's done in a contributing and helpful manner.
Blog commenting ---> Try to comment on blog post that has good page rank. Always make sure that you post comments that add value to the blog post.
Link Exchange ------> Always make sure that it's not done in an excessive manner.
Social Bookmarking submission.
Press Release

Don't pay for link submission packages because anything outside of a normal link growth can cause your site to be filtered out of results for manipulating search engines.

There are number of methods and techniques to rank your website higher in Search Engine. Mainly Off-page optimization and On-page optimization. However, I suggest that you follow off-page optimization methods like blog commenting, forum posting, article submission. Keep in mind that while submitting article, keep the content flesh and unique.

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