I normally check my site's page rank every month and last month i had a pagerank of 5 but now when i checked my sites pr it had gone down all the way to 0? what do you think happened? did google have an update? but what's weird is my search engine reffered traffic is still the same.

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Where was you man ?
Have you not listen about google Panda Update till now ?

Keep doing SEO and your PR will go up. Make sure you are doing white hat ethical SEO.

don,t worry, use white hat seo techniques and work regularly, your website PR will be increased.

recently google didn't updated you should try to other browser. i think its not possible decrease pr5 to 0

one of my blog increase its pr 0-2 on this new updates in google.

Pr of any site can change without the official PR update. There may be many reasons 1 may be too much links from low quality sites.

The main reason is link coming from high quality niche sites.

These all happen because of panda upadate

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