"Keyword" is a term often used by various people. however, few people actually understand what keywords have to do with websites and search engines. It may seem apparent that "search" and "engine" would be keywords for Google, but can we actually apply a definition to "keyword" in general that will help us understand it?

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Nice sharing.I really appreciate.

Yes. They will understand once if you explain. B'coz everyone have knowledge on this.

in short, are you trying to ask us what keywords are in relation to seo?

No offense!
But I think everyone who is doing seo know what keyword is!
That is the most basic things when we want to start seo!

Keyword density is the part of on page seo . We should put keywords to site with the density of 3-5%

Keyword density is another SEO strategy that Internet marketers have used to increase SERP rankings. The problem is that an overabundance of the same keywords can actually hurt search rankings. One or two percent is plenty. In the average blog post, that's one or two instances of a keyword or phrase. In an article, it is about four. More than that and the Google algorithm can put you in the ?spam? category, dropping your search ranking.

Do not repeat unnecessary keywords in content for increase keyword density. Keyword density is 3-4% good for web page content. Do not keyword stuffing.

Actually, you can´t say that every web page must have a keyword density of 3-4%... it was a recommendation Google gave some years ago but there are so many different types of web pages with different topics and keyword density as a ranking factor has lost a lot of its importance.

nice information abut the keywords . Thanks for sharing this to us

Good and relevant Keywords has important role in website..

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Keyword density is a ratio or percentage of keywords in your page content. It is determines in a percentage. It helps in increasing traffic to your website.

Keyword Density is the part that can not be overlooked in website content. I prefer 3-5% KD in a article.

keyword density is also called keyword stuffing, ideal density is 3% to 5% :)

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I usually use a 3-4% keyword density. The important thing to take note is to avoid excessive repetition of keywords. Write for human readers and not for bots.

Keyword density is a collection of the repeated a keyword in the web page.Keyword density is the percentage of times of a keyword which is found in your web page.

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