Please tell me about a tool which can measure the density of a keyword,which has 2-3 words?

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The name which you have used to start the thread is itself the name of the tool for which you searching for. Really, Keyword density checker tool is the very best tool for checking the keyword density.

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Is it really the keyword density tool you want to have or is it the keyword analysis tool? Keyword density tool is only used to check the denseness of keywords in an article, so if you only have 2-3 words to check, then I doubt you're asking for the right tool. If what you want is the tool to determine the competitiveness of each keyword, then I suggest that you use Google Adwords Keyword tool. It's a free keyword tool that can analyze the trend, level of competency and # of clicks per month.

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I am very much agree with charlenej, why do you need keyword density tool to check only 2 to 3 keyword. Google Adwords Keyword tool is the best if you are looking for the same.

Their is many tools to check the the keyword density of any site . I will recommand keyworddensity.com to check density

why you need a tool to check only 2-3 keywords ..you can check it manually

Hi, If you want to check you keyword density then you can use iwebtool & webconfs tool, using this you can check the density of your keyword.

I don't think that keyword density matter anymore, you'd better try to do competitor analysis and see how many times top competition is using same keyword in the body text of article.

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