Do search engines really care about whether the URL has a _ or - ?. Some SEO experts say they do, is it really so?

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I *think* google counts _ as meaning nothing and so the string e.g home_page becomes homepage. - generally is treated as meaing NOT, but i think this isnt a problem.

So, i think "-" is better if the url uses multiple distinct words.

but im no SEO expert

Sometimes having symbols in the URL doesnt matter as its readable but having symbols like ?!%& doesnt help with getting indexed

I think Jbennet has explained it exactly why SEO experts recommend _ or -

yea... jbennet has covered the major point. Nothing more to say. the less you will have the symbols, the better results you will get.

Google sees words separated by an underscore as one word.

yep thats what i thought too

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