Is it enough to submit the homepage of a website to Google, or should I manually submit the other pages in a site as well?

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In my opinion, You need to submit only the home page of your website and Google will crawl it properly. What I would like to suggest create a site map and submit it to get crawled all of your web pages very quickly as well as properly.


Only home page is accepted to google . I you want to rank also for other pages then simply create backlinks for site


Just the home page. You may find this video from Matt Cutts (Google) very informative. It mentions site submission near the end.


Just submit once then focus on other things that will promote your website.

The link is quite useful. Thank you very much for the info.


only submit you site home page . google will index all pages automatically

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goto the google webmaster page and read the instructions, dont spread inaccuracy
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