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Hi, do you know how backlinks from domain affects subdomains and is it better to focus on backlinking domain or particular subdomain?

let me see ... that's a good question ... it sat here for 12 days unanswered ... I'll take a stab at it ... Ok. I have an answer.

It depends.

It depends on what you may ask.

Well ... this to me is not really about domains or sub-domains at all, but of an indecision to determine which web page is more important to you. I would think the rule of thumb here would be to better and more frequently internally link the one you deem more important.

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The keywords in the domain have a high weight. As if any site or blog has the similar keyword in its domain then it is possibility that it obtains highly searched by the users.



In my own experiences, majority of back links should be linked to domains since we usually rank big volume main keywords using our home page. Of course, deep linking would be very helpful for ranking long tail keywords purpose.

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In my opinion optimising sub domains is much more difficult as it is treated as a new site, so optimising any new site takes more time.

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