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SMO is a part of SEO.SMO means Socia Media Optimization.SMO is very important in seo.smo brings a traffic to your website.


SMO is stands for Social Media Optimization, is nothing but very important and brilliant method to pull the web traffic on your website and also allow you to promote or increase your website online marketing. SMO is different from search engine optimization (SEO). Social Media Optimization is the way by which you can attract the visitors on your website from the sources other than the search engines.


Social Media Optimization plays an important part in the SEO Services.
You must have heard the name of Facebook, Twitter, and Linked in, which are just a few social networking sites, and working on the various social networking sites is just the process of the Social Media Optimization.

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SMO and SEO are almost similar. SMO is nothing it is a strategy used to raise awareness of your business or website by promoting it on social media networks. SEO is done to improve ranking of your site in Google. However, SMO is done to improve website traffic and to make your business popuar and known to everyone.

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