If anyone gets banned from google adsense then which option will be the best for him/her to choose for the best Adsense Alternative as a source of Income.

CPA offers can be a good option.

Yeah, CPA affiliate networks are a very good alternative. Neverblue is one of the best networks.

I think no any alternative of Google Adsense.

I read that Chitika is good for some niches.

can one join those CPA with google adsense?

Does the Yahoo Publisher Network still exist? Try banner ad networks such as Tribal Fusion or Burst! Media.

Google Adsensse is the best... Havn't tried any alternative!

The best option is to make the things right and avoid to get banned by adsense. I think they are the best.

Adsense is the best for PPC, maybe you can try other monetization methods (clickbank or CPA)

Google adsense is the best but if you want some thing else than go infolinks.com
it is also giving some good services and rates as well

Goofle adword is the best alternative for adsense.You can also use affiliate marketing for advertising.Google adword is the best for small firms and it is cost effective because yo have to pay website traffic which was visitor click.

Well there is no comparison of adsense however you can use adbrite and adblast in alternative solution.

If you live in USA , the best alternative is Yahoo Ads. for you.

google adsense is best for every country and continent other just pay on UK USA traffic

google adsense is best for every country and continent other just pay on UK USA traffic

You right, espacially for poor countries there is no alternative to adsense.

Yahoo ads and Chitika are a couple of good options.

does the yahoo publisher network still exist? Try banner ad networks such as tribal fusion or burst! Media.

others are just playing around and adsence is non-scence 'cause it has got more sense than it should have.

Okay, No problem Abhi,

I wound like to suggest in this regard few of these that you can try such as AdBrite, Infolinks, and Fastclick.

I think Google Adsensse is the best.but alternative option is CPA.

i don't know any method if Google disable ad sense . can any one tell me how to activate after disable account.

Kontera and Chitika are a couple of good options.

you can try adbrite, infolinks or CPA networks

Hi, Brother.

I think link submission best way make money.

there are some alternatives for adsense like CPA,chitika,InfoLinks,Adbrite
Bidvertiser.but adsense is the best one.

If that would fit your webpage, definitely try eBay affiliate or Amazon affiliate.
You can get a neat provision, if someone buys..and these are the networks that already have a "built-in" trust factor - people will not fear to buy from them.

All of You can join <a href="http://www.rymiyl.com"><strong>RYMIYL ADMEDIA </strong></a> which is the best alternative of google adsense.
They accept all traffic from all over the world for all languages sites. They accept adult and non-adult both websites. Their payment options are also very nice. This company (Rymiyl Admedia) is Indian based company.
Just join and start earning of money as a publisher...................

There is lot of third party websites for like adsense.

After google adsense, we can travel with the affiliate marketing option

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