I am nancy . I am new here. I want to know more and more about SEO and Internet marketing from the forum. Look to here from you.

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There is so much to learn about SEO and Internet Marketing. What exactly did you want to learn?

SEO is the process of taking a website and optimizing it to get to the top of the search engines. There are on page and off page factors.

tell me more plzz...

Welcome here . It's a great forum to achieve knowledge & sharing experience.
Keep enjoying ............

hey if you like to know about SEO than you have to search it out on google about SEO basics or what is SEO???
Actually SEO is a very vast field it has many branches....if you wana know about some basic seo then google is the best place to Learn SEO BASIS beacause when you know the basic What is Directory submission? How can we Increase our PR? so just Search it out and Beacome a juniour seo :)

Be precise so I can help you I have done SEO workshop recently it is basically the way to increase visitors to your site and be on the top on the search engines.

Well, SEO is nothing but understanding algorithm of search engines, once you understand the algorithm of search engines, it would become easy for you.

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