Been asked to do some learning on how google works, to start I have been asked to research how google standard works in a client/server interaction? I have got as follows

The client is the web browser in this case, the user types in their search criteria and hit enter and HTTP request is sent to the google server. The server then sends its HTTP response back to the client.

Does anyone have anything to add to that.

I have also been asked to discuss how google suggest works and how it manages to update the web page on the client so quickly, based on information in a distant google database and why does the web page not look jumpy.

I have thought about google suggest using a proxy server which has cached pages which have recently been searched for on a regular basis so it is able to quickly offer suggestions for what the user is looking for using what has already been searched for.

IS that correct?

Also what new considerations if any are introduced by google instant.

Time saving/ gives the user multiple selections as the user might be using the wrong selection criteria and google has gave them the correct.

I dont need any technical responses i just need to have an understand
Thanks for any help!

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google do not have server delays
they have a large server system, scattered over most countries, with a very fast return time

So it would be like a client multiple server layout and not proxy server

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