I am not really familiar with the whole SEO process but I recently hired someone at <snip> to do the whole process for me.
The person there made me know that it is not smart to include a lot of my content in my Javascript files as they are not good for Search Engine Optimization.
The thing is, a HUGE part of my website depends on these scripts and I am not sure I want to pay to have them reprogrammed.
Does anyone have any suggestions for me?
Can Javascript really affect SEO?

Javascript isn't too bad especially if they are linked files and not crowding your web page coding. Make sure your webpages are crawlable and that the search engine will find your content.

Javascript does not affect SEO. Google Analytics and Adsense codes are all in Java Script.

From the seo point of view JS is not supporting for promotion and Google also not give weight age to the site in comparison to the others.

Hi,I think JavaScript is not not affect to SEO.

JavaScript wont affect seo, but if javascript files are in more no. then that web site will surely become slow in performance.

Definitely not, site with java script also got good ranking and traffic in SEO point of view.