I am little confused about external linking. Is this good or not? If yes then please let me know that why we should do that?

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Does External Linking Is Helpful for us?

I say YES. In my point of view external links are important because it can increase traffic (not sure how much) if keyword or phrase are created specifically to your website.

No, its not useful for your website and I suggest you to add nofollow, noindex tags for external links(not for all links).

External links are not useful?! Where do you get this idea??
You should really to learn again all the SEO basic.

Internal linking is quite helpful for a site optimzation.Internal links are also play very improtant role for gaining Page rank.

Internal linking is not bad for website. It increase traffic on website.

External links are very imporatnt for site ranking.Focus on quality of links instead of quantity.

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